Melai Cantiveros, Nanindigang Hindi Niya Aakuin Ang Mga Responsibilidad Ng Kanyang Mga Kamag Anak

Melai Cantiverous is one of the famous Kapamilya actress-comedienne host i the showbiz industry. Do you know that she is very strict concerning responsibility especially towards her relatives and family members? Though she might have the capabilities to help out in her way, Melai Cantiveros is hard on presenting lessons to her relatives when it arrives at being responsible.

In one of the interviews with Enchong Dee on his vlog recently, Melai said she doesn’t desire to pay for her relatives’ tuition. Melai told her father to discipline her not to depend on others and work hard to fulfill her dreams.
“Kunyari sa mga pinsan ko, hindi ako magbabayad ng mga tuition fee nila. Hihingan ako ng kapatid ng pang-tuition, (sasabihin ko) ‘Ba’t ako (magbabayad ng) tuition fee ng anak mo?’ Eh anak mo ‘yan,” Melai stated.

Later Enchong asked the comedienne-host actress to explain her belief about this “normal Filipino culture” of “kahit hindi mo na responsibilidad, sige akuin ko kasi nakakaluwag-luwag ako.”
“The best ‘yung maging breadwinner pero dapat breadwinners,” Melai pointed out. “Lahat kayo breadwinners ng family. Kunwari nagta-trabaho si Ate. Dapat nagta-trabaho ka rin. Kunyari sinabi ng kapamilya ko tuition fee, (sasabihin ko) ba’t ako mag-tuition fee? Pagalitan talaga. Manginginig ka talaga.”
She furthered: “Pag responsibilidad mo, responsibilidad mo ‘yan. Kasi pinasok mo ‘yan. Hindi pwedeng ako ‘yan.”

Even though Melai is stringent on such rules, she made sure to indulge her family through vacation and such.
“Pag umuwi ako ng GenSan sa December, i-prepare niyo na ang bag niyo kasi hindi na kayo makaka-stay sa bahay niyo. Kasi pupunta kami ng Davao, pupunta kami ng Bohol. Ako lahat ‘yan,” she told.

What can you say about this? Do you think that her rules in life encourage you to be your example in life? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.