Janella Salvador, Inamin Na Nadismaya Sa Isang Intern Ng Ospital Matapos Ipagkalat Nito Ang Kanyang Pagbubuntis

Actress Janella Salvador could not help but express her displeasure to a nurse who allegedly spread her pregnancy. This is after the actress revealed her experiences, while pregnant with her child, on the podcast of vlogger couple Slater Young and Kryz Uy called “Skypodcast”. Janella shares in this podcast how she informed her mother, Jenine Desiderio, of her pregnancy.

According to the actress, the mother did not first find out about this news, but from other people. This is probably because an intern at the hospital spread her pregnancy when she consulted.
“I think she found out because of, I think may kumalat. The annoying thing is, before I was able to tell her… because I told her when I was four months na. ‘Cause I was really nervous about it. I didn’t tell her agad. I was super nervous.”

“I already had my check-up when I went to the hospital. One of the interns, like, spread the news. So, it was kind of scary. I was so p!ssed, honestly, ‘cause there are things that you would want to tell your family members personally,” The actress says.

She said it was not easy for her to confess to her mother. She said she felt very scared as she told her mother about the pregnancy.
“When I told her that I was pregnant, ikt was via video call lang… So, I had to call her. I was nervous. I had to call her via video call and she was poker face lang,” She said.
“When I told her, ‘Mama, I need to tell you something,’ ganyan. And then she was, ‘What? You’re pregnant?’ It was so scary,” She added.

Just last year, September 2020, the news broke that the actress was pregnant, which in turn woke up the people.
By that time, Janella had flown to her fiancé Markus Paterson’s hometown, London. Also present were her mother Jenine and her younger sister.

In January of this year, Janella and Markus finally made in public their full parenting by sharing photos and videos with their son named “Jude” on social media.

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