Ivana Alawi, Nakatanggap Ng Pangaral Sa Kanyang Ina At Kapatid Na Si Mona Matapos Nitong Magkunwari Na Bumili Ng Mamahaling Sasakyan

Ivana Alawi desired to make her younger sister, Mona, and mother, Fatima, convince that she purchased a new Lamborghini that costs approximately 11.5 million pesos. It was just for the prank, she had connivance with a friend who sells high-end cars in the country. The costly luxury car was already placed in front of their home when Ivana led Mona out and later their mother. Rather of becoming happy noises and applause, Ivana was faced with objecting expressions and disagreement from both her younger sister and especially her mother

Ivana Alawi prepared a complex prank for her younger sister and mother about the vlogger’s allegedly acquired a Lamborghini worth Php11.5 million. Apart from connivance with a friend who sells high-end luxury cars, Ivana also had connivance with her brother, Hashim, to perform the prank. Opposite to what Ivana anticipates, however, her younger sister Mona is not at all pleased with Ivana’s acquisition.

At her very young age, Mona regretted that Php11.5 million for a luxury car is too costly, and the money that Ivana utilized to buy it can be used rather than help other people in the middle of the pandemic. Despite exercising all her best to satisfy her sister to be happy with the new car, Mona continues saying to Ivana that she shouldn’t have purchased it.

Eventually, Ivana explained it was all a prank and then continued to also trick their mother regarding the buying of the luxury car. Contrary to her younger sister, Fatima, her mother, not only disliked the decision of Ivana in purchasing a Lamborghini but also became very confused with her daughter. She said it’s not wise to purchase anything extravagant at this time of the p@ndemic. Fatima strived to influence her daughter to return the car, advising Ivana to call the alleged seller of the Lamborghini.

Ivana was advised that they might take the car but they wouldn’t be able to redeem her the whole amount and that their best offer is half of the price. Fatima rejected the advice and warned she’s going to bring the incident to Raffy Tulfo. Eventually, Ivana unveiled it was all a prank, getting her a strong slap on her bottom and a spank on her head.

With this latest prank of Ivana, it reveals that her family has deep-rooted noble values and cares for everyone around them. It also showed that all of them have a heart for the poor people and would preferably help others than purchase costly items.

What can you say about this? Are you entertained by her prank? Do you appreciate the concern of her sister and mother towards her? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.