Isang Amerikano Ang Nastranded Sa Pilipinas Dahil Sa Pandemyang Nangyari, Pinagawan Ng Bahay Ang Pamilyang Kumupkop Sa Kanya

An American vlogger who lately made a home for his adoptive family recently earned praise when he was stranded in Cebu since the lockdown. This is recognition to them by the American vlogger.

According to American vlogger Dustin Borglin, his first step in Cebu in 2016 was that he admired the place and cherished the kindness shown by the people because he sensed that he was warmly welcomed in the place. Because of this, he imagined returning to the country but on his comeback, he was stranded in Cebu because of pand3mic.

Dustin is from Michigan, USA. He comes back to Cebu in March but was stranded by a lockdown. Instead of being down, the vlogger was happy because he had a simple life in the place and he also helped those in need.

Being stranded in the place, Dustin first stayed at the house of Raymund and Reche Adoptante whom he faced when he first went to the province. Here Dustin felt to live a simple life and be happy and satisfied with what food was served to him. Sometimes he cooks and takes or buys what he cooks.


Seeing the situation of some Cebuanos who now have in pand3mic because almost all of them have no money and livelihood, he thought of touring the province on a motorcycle to distribute aid and money from his vlog payments. Dustin even built a toilet or CR in the countryside in Toledo City. He said that was his early Christmas with the people there.

Apart from that, he also made a home for his friends who took him in as thanks for the kindness they showed to him. Dustin said,
“They’re like my family. I’ve known them for almost three years now, and they’ve just been so kind to me.”
He continued,
“It doesn’t matter how much money you have. It doesn’t buy happiness. They might not have a lot but everyone here is very, very happy.”

What can you say about this? Are kind and warmly welcome to every visitor that arrives in your place? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.