Anak Ni Andi Eigenmann At Philmar Alipayo, Nakatanggap Ni Iba’t Ibang Komento Sa Social Media

One of the gifts the Lord has given to all of us is our families especially our brothers and sisters. They were our first playmate, friends, and housemate. They are our dearest brothers and sisters. From childhood, they are the ones we spend time with at home. They also become our ultimate partners. Just like the very cute children of Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo, Baby Lilo, Baby Koa and Ellie.

It can be seen in the picture on IG that Lilo and Koa are very sweet. Lilo gave her baby brother a super hug. Like Ellie, Lilo is also a big sister to her brother Baby Koa.
“Morning cuddles from Lilo! Much like Ellie, Lilo also seems to enjoy being a big sis. She just loves showering her little brother with lots of hugs and kisses! Not quite sure if Koa enjoys it but he doesn’t have much of a choice right now.,” Andi wrote on her Instagram.

Andi is very happy with her children. Lilo was so cute as she hugged her very bubbly and very cute little sister Koa. Andi happily said that we don’t even know if Koa likes it. But, it can be seen here that Lilo is happy to be her big sister.

Here are some comments of the netizens:
“So much love in this picture”
“The cutest on IG @andieigengirl”
“With the way Lilo hugged Koa! I miss Ate Ellie!!!! For sure if she was wi”

Like Andi’s eldest daughter Ellie, she is also a kind and very sweet sister to Lilo and now also to baby Koa. The Happy Islanders Family is another real inspiration. It’s amazing how they become happy and that enjoying a simple life with family. That, in turn, is more important. It is to live simply, peacefully, and happily. They are our support at all times, our family.

What can you say about this? Are inspired and encouraged by their simple living on an island? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.


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