Kilalanin Ang Bunsong Anak Ni Jackie Lou Blanco At Ricky Davao

All parents would be really happy and proud to see their children getting their Bachelor’s degree. Even though there are times that students faced several temptations or something that will stop them from graduating, parents are still lucky that their children can resist those temptations.

One of those parents is the celebrity couple Jackie Lous Blanco and Ricky Davao. Recently, Jackie Lou and Ricky took their social media account to express how proud they are for the achievement that had achieved by their youngest daughter, Arabella Davao.

Arabella graduated from Ateneo de Manila University last May 31, 2019. Both of her parents can also be seen attending to the special and major event that happened to their youngest daughter’s life. On the separate Instagram account of Jackie Lou and Ricky, they shared the achievement of Arabella and posted a sweet message for her.

Jackie Lou stated that she is always proud of Arabella and she was just always there to support whatever her ‘bunso’ wanted to do in her life. Jackie Lou also congratulated Arabella, telling her that she will always behind her whatever way her daughter wanted to take. She also stated that she will always be there, to guide Arabella and be with her to every success, trouble, happiness, and fear.

Meanwhile, Ricky only posted a simple yet sweet message to her daughter. He congratulated his youngest and expressed how proud he is of Arabella and for every achievement that she had accomplished. Both of them finished their post by saying ‘I love you’ to their daughter.

The post of the proud parents garnered positive comments and reactions from the netizens and their followers. It is also noticeable how beautiful Arabella is which she gets from the genes of her parents, particularly to her mother, Jackie Lou. Ara also has two other siblings, namely Kenneth and Rikki Mae.

What can you say about this? Are you amazed by her stunning beauty? Do you think that she will be famous when she enters the showbiz world? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.