Isang Lalaki Ang Nag-live Habang Natutulog Ay Kumita Ng Halos 800,000 Pesos Sa Buong Magdamag

A social media influencer just fell asleep earning $ 16,000 overnight
Asian Andy’s earnings come from viewers of his live streaming. It was the replacement for the huge amount earned by Asian Andy because viewers are disturbing him by giving cash donations for every disturbance he has received.

A 26-year-old social media influencer, Asian Andy, earned $ 16,000 or the equivalent of nearly Php 800,000 overnight from the donation of those who watched his Livestream of his sleep on the Twitch live streaming platform.

Stay awake the whole night was the replacement for the huge amount of money earned by Asian Andy because viewers watching him sleep with him using the text-to-speech recognition Alexa app set-up by Asian Andy before bed.

Every viewer gives a cash donation that confuses him. The Alexa app is there to play loud, play the alarm clock, and the sound of a barking dog.

Other viewers intimidate him. Someone is said to be outside the window of his room.

“Andy I’m a huge fan. I think you’re so funny…no joke someone’s at your window. Alexa, set alarm for 42 minutes…,” A message from a viewer who donated $ 9.99 to Asian Andy.

A viewer donated $ 100 and asked Asian Andy to tear off his t-shirt. Several other viewers ordered him to tear off the t-shirt he was wearing and he accommodated all of them. He was instructed by another to twerk, a kind of dance, but he refused.

Asian Andy uploaded the video of his Twitch Livestream to his YouTube channel and it has garnered over 4.3 million views since August 2020. Presently his video has garnered 4,347,156.

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