Dating Girlfriend Ni Jovit Baldivino Na Si Shara Chavez, Agaw Atensyon Nang Mapansin Nilang Mas Lalo Itong Gumanda Matapos Ang Hiwalayan Nila Ng Singer

We often heard the saying that women go through a lot of transformation when they decided to remove the tox1c event that happened to her before and let go of the past that only hurt her. This is exactly what happened to Shara Chavez. Just recently, Shara stunned many netizens after she shared her much-improved appearance on her social media account.

Two years ago, Shara Chavez became one of the most controversial and trending topic personalities in the online community. This happened after she shared some screenshots of the live video of her former partner Jovit Baldivino where the latter can be seen having a good time with another girl.

Following this, is the revelation made by Chavez about the attitude and behavior of the popular singer, including how he treated her and their daughter. Because of this, she needed to go through a lot of pain and sadness when she and Jovit split up. Shara also became the sole parent to take care of their kid despite the success and popularity of her partner.

Her story serves as an inspiration to all women. Some female single parents can also relate to everything that Shara experienced in her past relationship. But, instead of locking herself in their house and crying over upon questioning herself and thinking about what she had lost, Chavez decided to be strong to stand up for herself and to her daughter.

Many netizens now are expressing their admiration for what Chavez did to herself to achieve such a big transformation. Even before, netizens already noticed that Chavez has a resemblance to Judy Ann Santos. But she has now a huge similarity to the youthful face of Kathryn Bernardo.

Chavez explained before that she knew that Jovit already seeing other women. But, upon getting enough proof that the ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’ winner is cheating on her, she then decided to end her relationship with Jovit.

Meanwhile, some netizens think that Chavez undergoes a cosmetic procedure to achieve a similar look to veteran actress Kathryn Bernardo. Now, it is safe to say that Chavez already moved on from the hurtful past that she experienced before and she is now enjoying her life with her 3-year-old child.

According to some sources, Chavez found another man and she was already engaged. Meanwhile, Jovit was still a contract artist of ABS-CBN Network even though he seldom appeared on television. It seems like the two are enjoying their separate lives despite the controversy that they faced in the past.

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